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Published on mars 13th, 2016 | by Archer


When You’re Attached… It’s Game Over

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There is always a reason why it’s not the best idea to get attached to a certain person. It would be a good lesson in life if we learn how not to get attached to the wrong person so we may not suffer on the long run.

Suppose you are trying to get a person to like you, common sense tells us that it’s smart not to get too attached to him/her for obvious reasons. 

  • Emotions can trigger you to do mistakes and make a fool out of yourself.
  • If things don’t work out, you will most likely suffer. 

As a word of advice, it is always a great idea to prevent oneself from being too attached (regardless if you’re in a relationship or not) Here are tips on how to deal with attachments and how can you possibly halt them.

> Illusion

Fantasies about a person push your mind to get attached (not on the person) but on the cloud of illusion that you’re building. The more you visualize yourself with the person, the more smitten you will become. Imagination is powerful, so they say.

> Friends

Another thing that can strengthen the tendency of attachment is by getting approval from friends.

Once a friend (someone who’s close to you) acknowledges your fantasies, you will more likely get attached because of their support. At the infancy of your relationship, it’s best to keep things private to lessen the peer pressure.

> Talking about Him/Her

There is a thing that we call Subconscious Conditioning in which the mind forms a belief system in itself. One of the factors that leads to this s when a person repeats (verbally) a thing in front of other people. Talking about something makes a thing appear more realistic rather than keeping it in.

> Being Narrow-minded

Forgetting about other options is one of the textbook examples of being a fool. Just because you like someone doesn’t mean that there aren’t others out there to come if it doesn’t work out. The more you are excluding other people from the equation, the more you will get attached to that person since he/she is what’s on your mind. Do not throw caution to the wind and remind yourself that there are still lots of other fishes in the sea, you just haven’t met them yet.

… But the question is, (when is it okay to get attached?)

  • Make sure it will work out. Think about all the possible consequences and scenarios first. If the risk is worth it, then why not?
  • When you are still suffering from a previous breakup, this should not be the time to get attached. 

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