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Published on février 14th, 2016 | by Archer


What to Do During a Cold Hearts Day?

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It always turns out that not everyone can be as fortunate when it comes to finding someone to date. More often than not, social media is filled with bitter posts rather than positive ones by those who actually have special someone to spend the day with. For those who are euphoric and giddy brought by this season of love, well, good for them. However, for the majority of us in the “currently searching” zone – worry not. It’s not so bad when we take time to appreciate what we have. Here are things that we can do to celebrate the day of Hearts:


What could be better than treating yourself with some of your hard-earned money? Boost your serotonin levels as you strut through halls after halls of stalls in the malls.  Being rewarded is kind of uplifting and it takes away the fact that you’re all alone today. Try not to look too long at the couples though. They’re all around.

A Quick Vacation

If you want to escape the sight of all couples dating in the malls, then might as well splurge on a quick vacation. Might as well use those VLs.  A solitary trip to the beach or if you want to be a little bit more adventurous, go zip lining.  The adrenaline might be just what you need. Perhaps the distraction would be enough to stray your eyes away from the painstakingly obvious sweetness of Valentine’s Day.

Hit The Movie Theatre

When all else fails, hit the movies! There’s nothing more rewarding than a good movie but please, stay away from Romance! You don’t want to feel out of place to couples smooching and holding hands inside the theatre. Picking a safer genre such as horror will save you from the inevitable encounters to happy lovebirds. We don’t want that, do we?


When you’re out of budget or when you’re feeling like not doing anything – all you have to do is to close the blinds and stay at home. Personally, that’s what I always do. It saves you from the hefty expenses of going anywhere. Plus, it seems to be the most practical choice. You won’t be spending a dime at all.

A New Hobby

A new source of preoccupation is always the best distraction. Whether it’s reading a new novel series or completing that puzzle set you bought from last year, having a hobby would definitely keep you company. Plus, the feeling of being productive will throttle you keep moving forward. Nothing like a boost of inspiration to start the day. This even is applicable to everyday life! A solid mantra is all we need to be on top of everything!


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