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Published on novembre 22nd, 2015 | by Archer


The Sheer Importance of Being on the Know

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Nowadays, it’s so easy how to spot someone without anything much in their brains especially on the internet. Chat rooms and other related media have been plagued with these so called air-heads as well.

Clearly, much have been said on the importance of education and how we should strive to do good on it. At first glance, the idea of academic excellence may not be up to everyone’s taste. However, no matter how we put it, the pursuit for goals in the classroom starts in the initiative of the students themselves.

As an IT Student, the amount of research and dedication that you have to put in your course can sometimes be overwhelming. I guess this could also be said on other fields as well. At times, the pressure is too much and we may find ourselves too caught up in the tide of school works.

Technique is everything so as a student myself, here are some guidelines as to become a top student.

Plan your to-do-list

Your to do list serves as your personal reminder especially if tasks start to  stack up really bad. One tip: Don’t put too many reminders because when it’s time for you to do them, you will be really discouraged. Instead, group them in smaller chunks of work load and do them one at a time.

Focus is the key

Close all the tabs in that browser when you’re doing something. Chances are, this will distract you from the actual work. Personally, I admit that I am extremely guilty of this. Facebook and Twitter often take most of my time when I’m online.

Love what you’re studying

Passion fuels your drive. If you learn to love your craft, it won’t be a burden to you but rather, a thing you enjoy.

Take breaks

Chill. Working straight for many hours would put you to stress. Learn to  moderately manage your time. Believe me or not, this certainly raises productivity.

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