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Published on février 7th, 2016 | by Archer


The Further – A Place Detached from Reality (A Dramatic Essay about Dating)

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After being immersed for so long to the reverie of mobile dating apps and after enjoying the sheer casualness of meet-ups and meaningless play-things, most people undergo the stage of being detached from reality.

And I shall call it — The Further. (Read it in the voice of Elise from The Insidious)

Yes, « The Further ». It is when the ghosts of your past begin to haunt you. It is definitely a lonely place. A place where in you would be awfully detached from reality. You will begin to question your sanity once you traverse the gates of this out of this world dimension.

There are phases and different astral planes into which The Further dwells. Reading this would probably transport you there as well, so take a bit of caution.

Stage 1 – The Delusions

After a couple of days of meet ups and casually sleeping with others, the average person may experience several episodes of delusions. Among of these are  nagging emotions such as conscience and feeling dirty. This is a normal thing. However, others never seem to move on from this. (Probably those that are so so far into the closet of promiscuity). Progressions to this would lead to the second stage in which I’m about to reveal soon.

Stage 2 – An Unfamiliar Place

When you’re deeply engorged into reflecting, you would find yourself nestled in the unfamiliar place. At first glance, it might look alien to you, it might be an ancestral house or an empty mall. However, you shall not fear. This is your conscience’s way taking you away from all the demons of your past.

Stage 3 – Random Poltergeists that would Startle You

These poltergeists represent the people that you ought to avoid in your lifetime – he/she may be the overly sexually charged chat mate who took advantage of you more than once or the verbally abusive partner who made you question your worth or he may be the crush that made you sign up to a financial insurance. Along the way, you will meet them in The Further. They could put you off your feet plenty of times. But remember, you must stand up and continue your way into the Light.

Stage 4 – The Mirror Beside the Door

Now that you’ve confronted most of the ghosts of your past, it’s time to gaze upon the mirror beside the door. The door that I’m talking about is the exit. You’re almost in the end of The Further but you must embark on this important realization. Looking at the mirror beside the door, you would see all the poltergeist at the back. They will try their best to look as tempting as possible – egging you to go back to The Further with them. However, you must stay strong – you must strengthen your will to look away.

Stage 5 – Outside

Congratulations. You made your way out of the Further. You are now an empowered individual. Although you still acknowledge the faults that you’ve done, they don’t matter now. What matters is the path that you’ve paved for yourself. It’s now time to move forward and stop the Pity Party.

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