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Published on août 23rd, 2015 | by Archer


The Perilous Pit of Infatuation

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« Don’t go in there buddy before it’s too late. »

Take it from me. As someone who’ve been so foolishly enraptured in the shackles of infatuation, it’s something that everyone should save themselves from.

Infatuation is one epic illusion. It comes off as this really attractive candy house of emotions luring you to take a bite. Once you’ve had a taste of the cherries and the chocolates – you’re hooked! In the midst of your addiction, your consciousness will abandon all forms of reason and logic. You will be left vulnerable like a mollusk taken out of its shell. The walls that you’ve previously built for yourself will crumble down. All you can hope is for that person to take notice and catch you while you’re falling. (But as I said, you can only hope – for most of the time you would just come crashing down to the ground).

So you see, being infatuated is no fair game. Here are some reasons why you have to (as much as possible, avoid it at all costs.) Yes, this is told in a pessimist’s point of view!

It keeps you up at night

Thinking of that person over and over and over again takes a toll on you physically. It will induce exhaustion and reflect on your day to day routine. One of the most classic symptoms of infatuation is the disruption of one’s sleeping cycle. The average lost wink of sleep is around 2-3 hours a day. (This has been proven worse for women and gay men.)

It’s a vicious cycle of « giving in » and « giving up »

Most of the time, manifestations of infatuation are often one-sided. People who become smitten by a special someone are usually in the brink of becoming mad because of this phenomenon that I call « On the Edge Syndrome« . This pesky disorder is characterized by differing bouts of irritating highs and lows. At one point, you can become extremely hopeful that a person feels the same about you and on the next minute, reality dawns and a pessimist side of you prevails. This can happen for an average of 10-20 episodes per day depending on the severity of the crush.

It will drain every bit of emotion

And of course, infatuation is like an emotional sponge. It will drain every bit of color out of you. Happiness, melancholy, doubt, fear, giddiness, and most commonly – paranoia are just a few on the list.What’s worse is, the more you’re progressing into this roller coaster of emotions, the more you are becoming dependent on it as well. You will become your own sadist. You’d want to see yourself hurt and do it over and over and over again to yourself. This disease has no quick-fix.

It will drive you crazy

Obviously, this is one of the most common precursors of infatuation as well. This often starts as simple as your friends noticing something different on you. As the case escalates, people near you would notice various levels of hysteria and emotional fluctuations. They will feel sorry for you, offer you advices that you can no longer comprehend. Congratulations, you are now reduced to a mere pile of nutshell.

You will get hurt

Yes. This is the prominent double-edged blade of infatuation. You will most likely experience the worst breakdown of your life during this painful time. But trust me, it would be worth all the solace. Don’t worry, this is the final stage. Being hurt opens your eyes. It’s the only cure to your temporary madness. Being hurt forces you to see the situation in a new light. You will soon be free.

Before you know it, you’ll be bouncing back up in no time (fingers crossed). 

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