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Published on avril 22nd, 2015 | by Archer


The Basics of Chat-Flirting 101

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Many people say that flirting is a natural human behavior. Its very core can be traced down to the cellular level of our DNA, and it is deeply embedded on the most basic array of our animal instincts as humans. Needless to say, it is rather normal for people to flirt with others. In this modern era, flirting has evolved with the innovation of digital media and internet connectivity, which allows flirting to become easier and more casual than it had been a decade ago.

Here are some points on how to flirt online:

1. Be smart and respectful.

Most people are apprehensive as to where to start. It’s the most difficult step. However, there’s an easy way to overcome this dilemma. Avoid rushing into the topic of dating when you’re first chatting with the person. Find an excuse to talk to that person first, be it a project or something work-related. This would shake off the awkwardness.

2. Be casual.

Try not to be too stiff when flirting. The point of flirting is to make someone talk comfortably with you and not make them feel as though they’re on a hot seat or a meeting with the principal. However, it’s important to avoid being too vulgar as well. You may not want to offend the person with direct slanders and offensive flirting. A common rule of dating states that your remarks should stay tongue-in-cheek. A certain degree of silliness can be sweet but moderation is the key.

3. Small Talks.

Everything starts with small talks. “How’s your day?”, “What did you have for lunch?”, “Who’s your favorite singer?” A lot can spring up from these kinds of conversations. However, don’t stay too long in this zone. A minute or two is enough before it gets too boring.

4. Humor.

Injecting laughter into the conversation is always a top notch recipe for a hearty conversation. It never fails to steal the show. Humor is a powerful aphrodisiac, as they say.

5. Tease.

If things are going well (i.e. if he/she is responding in a positive way to your advances), it is high time to take things up a notch. Tease a little, but not too much. Leave something for the imagination. It’s more effective when you don’t go full force on the first strike. Teasing is the magna carta of flirting – You have to do it right and spot on. The science of teasing is unpredictable at most times. Be sure to know the other person well first.

6. End the conversation yourself.

By ending the conversation yourself, you’re making him/her want you more. It’s a good rule of thumb in flirting. Leave a subtle hint of innuendo like, “I’ll be thinking about you tonight.” or perhaps, “Goodnight, see you in my dreams.” There’s nothing more attractive than someone who knows how to keep you in a daze.

Flirting on your favorite chat platform of choice can be fun, engaging and mutually satisfying. It isn’t a foolproof method of getting a date but if coupled with the right blend of tact and confidence, a simple “Hey gorgeous” may go a long way.

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