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Published on décembre 19th, 2015 | by Archer


That Face-palm Moment When Blackberry Accidentally Tweeted from an iPhone.

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Well, this is really embarrassing.  A social media contributor/personnel at Blackberry made the ultimate mistake that a blackberry employee can make. A screenshot has been taken by The Verge last week showing a tweet that Blackberry sent “from an iphone device.” Lol. Clearly, even the people at blackberry are not so loyal to the brand that they are marketing.

However, the controversial tweet is no longer found on Twitter as it had been deleted out of sheer shame. Who wouldn’t be mortified? I bet the public relations officers at the BB office are thinking of millions of ways to salvage the image of the company right now but then it’s too late. Once a thing is out in the internet, it can never be hidden back. It will be forever engraved in the flow of the interwebs.

It can be remembered that Alicia Keys, who was Blackberry’s previous Global Director had slipped the same mistake during the launch of Blackberry 10. She has received flak for not being faithful to the flagship that she is promoting.

Very funny indeed that she was caught tweeting from a Twitter for iPhone Application. The actual tweet was, « Started from the bottom but now we’re here. » Just last year, when Keys was given the position, she already promised to be the primary endorser of the popular handset. In retaliation, the Grammy Award Winning Singer denied the allegation and blamed the issue on being hacked. She is currently not connected with Blackberry after the issue sparked.

That was understandable and forgivable to an extent since Miss Keys is only their creative director. However, last week’s flak should be taken seriously because the actual central Blackberry Twitter account was involved. While all of you are wondering what could have been the cause of mistake, let us ponder on the thought that Blackberry had been marketed for years as a very suitable typing handset. What could be the reason that the alleged employee had to use an iphone to tweet? Does this imply that people in general prefer iphone over the latter?

Just in case you were wondering, a Twitter App for Blackberry definitely exists.


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