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Published on mars 20th, 2016 | by Archer


Telling Signs that He’s Got His Eyes on Another One

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Hey! It’s Girl Power Time!

Well, I have been asked by friends to write about this one particular topic they think that’s very relevant to this blog. Most of them are wondering how hard it is to determine when a man has his sight on another. Better yet, what are the ways to get his attention back when he’s checking out another girl. You know there’s nothing worse than feeling rejected or being treated like a second option. When the tough gets going, try these ways to make him yours – quick!

> Make HER your friend

As they say, keep your friends close, your enemies- closer. Get chatty to the girl he’s flirting with. By doing so, you’re giving him a signal that you’re aware of what’s going on. It also lets the other party know that you’re in control of the situation. She will less likely pursue him if you’re friends right? Or at least her delicadeza would compel her to keep her hands off your man. 

> Eye contact is the key

When you see him looking at other girls, look him straight to the eye and penetrate through it. Remember there’s a thin line of difference between a guy just noticing a girl between him – eyeing her. If it’s done many times, then we have a bit of a problem. Looking straight through him is like a silent warning that says “Don’t even go there, you’re with me”

> Confront him

“Do you like what you see?”

That should temporarily stop him on his tracks. Confrontation has never been one of men’s strengths and catching them in the act would leave them stuttering. 

> Play his game

When he leaves you with no choice, then play his game. You caught her eyeing another girl? Then return the favor. Look at other guys as well. When he sees that, he probably won’t be very pleased. That should teach him a lesson.

> Value your pride

If he can’t seem to help himself from eyeing other girls while you are together, then it’s probably wise to walk away at this early stage. If he doesn’t realize how valuable you are, then there’s no reason to stay. Nobody wants a guy who is a player. Remember that girls. 

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