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Published on août 23rd, 2015 | by Archer


Telltale Signs of Being Sorely Attracted to Someone

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Lately, I’ve been wearing my heart on my sleeve and it looks like there’s no elixir to heal this curse any time soon. I am starting to believe in the fact that I NEED HELP.

As they say, there are unmistakable signs that one is in the brink of falling in love. Feeling light-headed? Do you have the urge of pouring your heart out all over the entire room?  Do you keep on tossing and turning at night?

Well, here’s how to distinguish whether that crush is just a crush or something else more sinister.

Thoughts of that person mess with your routine

If you’re having a hard time focusing on the things you usually do because of that person, then it’s time to back track and calm your sissies down. You should  keep a bit of dignity in your pocket and maintain a steady composure at all times. (How I wish I can take my own advice though).

You panic like an idiot when that person is around

Crush alert! Crush alert! Ahhhhh! That indispensable feeling when your crush is within walking distance and your senses plummet in overdrive! One of our correspondents shared an experience about his crush in the office and we quote, « I was assigned on the 16th floor and he’s on the 17th. I go up there every lunch just to take a glimpse of his immaculate presence. However, when he’s near, I seem to lose my breath and it’s very embarrassing. »

You keep on stalking his/her Facebook

You know it’s that bad when you keep on visiting his Facebook profile every 10 minutes. It’s even worse when you’ve got ahold of his/her Instagram too.  When it has become your instinct to hover on his/her name every time you grab a computer or a smartphone, please simmer down and rethink about your obsession patterns. It might not be healthy for you to go on this miserable plight. (I’m talking to myself because I badly need to take my own advice)

He/She literally pops into your dreams

This happened to me lately and seeing him in my dream felt so surreal. We were caressing each other in bed (ssssh, we didn’t do anything nasty there).  It’s just so cute just remembering that lucid dream. (Again, I should take my own advice.) This is not good anymore. But then, I’m kind of hoping of dreaming of him again soon.

When he/she is in your head 24/7

Needless to say, at this point, things are irrevocably serious. You should reassess your sanity and well-being. It pays to listen to the advice of others and socialize more often. You shouldn’t let the infatuation take over your life. Perhaps, you can plan out a gym session for yourself just to take your mind off him/her. You could focus at a project or milestone at work. You can do lots of things to divert your attention from whatever’s consuming your attention at the moment. Remember that you should remain within the confines of logic and reason even though it’s hard.

Love yourself first and from there, you can take the next step of transcending those feelings to another person.

Being attracted to someone is one thing but being utterly, sorely and miserably head over heels is an entirely different case – in which a higher form of intervention is needed to bring back one’s lost sanity.


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