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Published on décembre 5th, 2015 | by Archer


Social Media Hoaxes: Don’t Fall for It

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For sure, I am not the only one being pestered by those annoying social media hoaxes that everybody seems to be reposting for fear that their account would be deactivated if they don’t. Trust me, I feel your pain. It seems that people behind the Social Media Giant is not also pleased with this shenanigan because just recently, it has been reported that they are now planning to get rid of these nuisance once and for all! Thank heavens for this because nobody wants to see misleading and outright hoax stories on their news feed every time they scroll down.


However, the duty falls on us users. Facebook has strengthened its Flag Story functionality that allows you to mark a story as spam or whether it violates the community standards but now Facebook has decided to take it a notch higher because it will be looking at that data to search for links, photos, videos, and status updates with a high number of reports claiming that the alleged content is fake or spammy.


One of the most funny hoaxes that I found online is when Apple released their latest version of handset. The post claimed that it the new iphone can be charged wirelessly via microwave. I really do hope that nobody fell for it because it is just plain stupid. I mean, who, in the right mind, would microwave their phones? Another one is about Facebook starting to charge the users for every post they make unless they post a status update that exempts them to do so. The post was accompanied by a picture of Mark Zuckerberg. As a result, many internet idiots fell for the hoax. Perhaps, the most serious one is the Ebola/Obamacares hoax that circulated around last year when the African borne outbreak started. The post will lead you a site with the false article. Most would do this in order to drive traffic on their site by misleading other people to click on their link. This is a tricky SEO technique and it should be banned soon.

With Facebook taking necessary measures to eradicate these annoying posts, the users could finally be at peace. According to the Verge, « the only negative thing about this is, the News Feed will also take into account when many people choose to delete posts » — since that’s also a pretty good indication of annoyance factor

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