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Published on avril 3rd, 2016 | by Archer


It’s All About Monogamy

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Yes, you’ve read that right. Even though we are living in a sexually charged millennium, long term relationships still exist on the horizon. Passion is still there though it’s often masked by the barrage of sex tourism in all kinds of media. The spin of Hollywood imagery has made real love hard to find nowadays.

Why is it so hard to project the image of monogamy to people? Here are the reasons…

> For most people, monogamy is seen as boring.

  • Movies and pop culture often promote the notion of the “next big thing”. Men are put on a pedestal for being the macho man and getting as much women as they could. It is often implied that the more a chick-magnet a man is, the better. Some often view it as  something that makes life more interesting. 
  • The word commitment scares more than 90% of men’s population. That’s a fact. Why are men so afraid of commitment? Why is it important to go back to the basics of relationship? Well, according to an article in, « It’s true that routine can lessen passion in a relationship. But passion can grow even stronger between two people who know each other well – the fire doesn’t have to fade after the initial excitement at the start of a relationship. There is plenty of room for spontaneous encounters and passionate romps, whether you’ve been together 10 months or 10 years. But, as with everything else in life, it does take some conscious effort. It’s important for men to realize how important monogamy is to a woman. Monogamy enables a woman to consistently feel loved and special and this, in turn, allows her to open up to her partner. As a result, a man will sense the attraction that the woman feels for him and that will keep him attracted to her. It goes back to that essential principle: a man needs to feel that he can make a woman happy. The way for a woman to best love a man is by helping him to be successful in loving her »

Well, for the most part, sex is indeed part of the things that could spice up a relationship but it doesn’t have to revolve around that all the time. There are other factors to be considered and it’s just a matter of time and trust.

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