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Published on février 28th, 2016 | by Archer


How to Rock The Online Scene

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New bloggers  like myself, often fall into the pits of mediocrity, losing sight of our once iridescent dreams left from the glorious years of blogging. Most of us , once launched into the monochrome setting of the corporate world, tend to have our creative wings ironed dry due to lack of the confidence and desire for innovation.

I once thought I’d be one of those robots clipped to a desk to work repetitively. I thought I’d be stuck in the bandwagon of people following the relentless trend of the current mind-numbing industry. 

My skepticisms were proven wrong – in a good way. Allow me to recount my journey…

Way back in College, I can recall that I was this really unconfident piece of shell. The phobia I had probably started that afternoon in one of our university computer laboratories when our Data Structures Instructor made fun of my work during a post-coding check. I presented her my output of adding elements to an array. From her perspective, my method was rather crude and elementary (it really was actually, but I was clueless at that time to even know).  To my dismay, she laughed so hard. I can tell that a lot of people heard what was going on since we were all inside the soundproofed confines of the room. On that moment (with my immature outlook back then), I resented her gesture grimly. It felt like a stab to my already waning bravado. Since then, I developed reluctance when trying to solve problems on my own. I tried to avoid the complex solutions and settled to easier ones just because I already lost the interest of pursuing things brought by fear that I might be laughed at again. I never stepped out of my comfort zone. When trying to solve my way out of a problem, I often pick the least complicated one so I wouldn’t mess up. This cycle impaled my desire to learn more and restrained my fuel from unlocking the potentials I never knew I had in me. Needless to say, I feared that particular professor. I would cringe at the sound of her name and would perish at the thought of being in one of her classes. I never felt so down and inadequate in my entire life. 

Breaking through barriers is indeed a vital step towards success as it defines the thin line between being mediocre and successful. In my case, I learned how to break the barriers of insecurities and low self-esteem in the training by channeling the positivity of the people around me. I had learned to percolate my inner drive because of the people who trusted in me when all I had were doubts and self-loathing. The shift in paradigm was all I needed to start loving my job and exuding pride on what I do. From that moment, I started to embrace how to take some constructive criticism and work on my flaws. I told myself, “Maybe it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and shine through. Challenges and mishaps would always be there but who cares? Who knows what’s going to happen but at least, I did try.”



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