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Published on octobre 11th, 2015 | by Archer


How to Make a Good Impression

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It was once said that the ideal night is being able to have a lovely meal and a proper conversation. Talking and communicating feeds your soul. It has that way of making you feel good inside because you release what’s inside your mind in words. It can also be said that a man’s character can be measured by taking note of the adjectives he uses in conversations. Pretty much, people spend time with more with other people who are a joy to talk to. The question is, how do we make the most of a conversation?

Conversation skills can be effortless for others but it may require practice for some. May it be on the phone or in person, a lot of things have to be considered.

Find out more about the person you’re talking to

Make it more about him or her than it is about you. Lose yourself in the process of the conversation and make that other person feel important by asking questions that you feel may spark an interest. When you know the person, you will know what to ask. You will know how he or she would react to a certain topic. This would establish rapport.

Inject an interesting topic

A conversation could run dry. When this happens, inject some interesting stories and ask for his or her opinion. It might be just what you need to spark plug the conversation to life. Engaging him or her to give an opinion elicits thinking. This could make them active and totally get the conversation rolling.

Transition smoothly

There may be awkward silences in a conversation. There may also be topics that are so good to talk about but you already accidentally had spat out. When this happens, don’t panic. Smoothly transition to another topic by being natural with your reaction.

Inject stories (preferably funny ones)

Humor is one of the best ways to keep a conversation alive. Everybody wants to laugh and it is the most natural form of drug. It makes everybody high and energetic. As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

End on a positive note

Every conversation is bound to end. Smile. Leave a good impression. Make him or her want to talk to you again in the future.

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