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How to Get A Man Respond (In Chat) in 5 Easy Steps

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Sometimes, it takes more than just body language to get men to respond. Albeit most remarks about men’s platonic nature, they can be as puzzling as women too!

Having a hard time finding a man? You might be sending him bad vibes that tip him off! With these common tips, you’d be waltzing with your new found lover in no time!
Avoid being desperate.
You have to play hard to get. Make yourself look like a prey. Men, by instinct, are hunters. They hunt for their source of joy and prey on them. Don’t offer yourself because you’ll look desperate. Men are greatly attracted to the thrill of the chase. Your nonchalance will make him want you more!
Add a dash of mystery.
By letting men figure you out themselves, you are actually enrapturing them in their own game. Don’t gush over your emotions to them to the point of giving out every detail of your life. Think about what you’re going to say carefully. Leave out the unnecessary details. Keep the conversation low key. This mystery would beckon him to constantly wonder what you’re doing. In turn, this would fuel his desire.
Display a bit of depth
Nobody wants to talk to shallow people. Let him casually be aware of your flair and intelligence. Although, be cautious of flaunting them so excessively as you may come out as really boastful. Remember, intelligence is the new sexy.

Be bubbly and fun
Humor is a secret potion to get men on their knees. Engage in his idea of fun. Don’t be such a diva. Tell jokes, play his games, watch basketball with him on the TV.
Lastly, get him with your Killer Looks
Well, let’s face it. Men are visual creatures. They are entirely weak when it comes to appearance. Rock your best look! Make yourself tidy and presentable. Don’t forget to flirt a little, but not too much. Compliment him too! With this combination, you’ll be having him by the fetter for days!
In the chat arena, the best technique to capture a man’s attention is by getting down to their common denominator – manly instinct. Once you get to the bottom of that, making men respond to your advances can be as easy as ABCs.


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