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Published on avril 20th, 2015 | by Archer


Don’t We All Hate Being Seen-Zoned?

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Seen-Zoned? What’s that?

In the ever-growing diverse language of the internet, seen-zoned is a situation in which you send someone a message and it says « seen » but they don’t reply at all. This often takes place on social sites such as Facebook and other chat platforms with the “Seen” or “Received” feature, WhatsApp included of course.

Jerks will be jerks in this world so they’d continue to exist anyway. But before I make a fuss out of myself in this article, let me take this juncture to write a note out of my mental repercussions regarding this matter. I seriously hope I myself could take my own advice though.

Step 1: Take a deep breath, Count 1-10, Inhale-Exhale.

Before you go all gibberish, it would be nice to pause for a while. Think of the reasons why he/she is still not replying to your messages. Maybe it’s an internet connection problem or whatever. Maybe he/she is having an emergency meeting. Maybe something urgent is up. Before jumping into negative conclusions, it wouldn’t hurt to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Step 2: Analyze the so-called “Seen-Zone Pattern”

What are the times or situations wherein he/she tends to seen-zone you? Is it usually during late at night, early in the morning, or during lunch breaks? Time is an essential determining factor as to why someone seen-zones you. It may not be intentional at all. A late night seen-zone may arise because he/she has fallen asleep. One that occurs in the morning may be due to his/her groggy temperament in the morning. A seen-zone during meal times might mean he/she is taking time chewing the food. In a similar manner, a seen-zone may be caused by something you said that might have made him/her some time to reply.

Step 3: Confrontation

When you have carefully analyzed the seen-zone patterns and you can’t find any logical reasons for his/her erratic behavior, maybe it’s time to confront the person. The best way to do this is by asking directly. However, you don’t have to be rude when asking. Practice politeness and prudence when doing the confrontation.

Step 4: Conclusion

After the confrontation, a number of situations might take place. Most of them aren’t that pleasant at all; you might even realize that you have lost a friend. Well, when you have reached this stage, there’s no turning back. However, knowing the real reasons why that person is constantly seen-zoning you will at least help you get rid of your doubts and pent-up frustration.

In my book of Do’s and Don’ts, getting seen-zoned tops my list of “How to Irritate Me”. Who wouldn’t be MORTIFIED by the thought of being ignored by someone you’re chatting with? In real life, that’s like the equivalent of talking to someone who has clearly heard you, but chose to turn and walk away instead. It is downright rude and barbaric in my dictionary. So you think I’m overreacting? Be my guest, but in my opinion, being seen-zoned is the unforgivable crime that someone better not do to me.

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