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Published on juillet 16th, 2015 | by Archer


Does Size Matter?

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Does size really matter?

We often hear funny anecdotes from women who have dated men who are not so gifted down there and the reactions are often the same. Most are unsatisfied in the first place because a carrot-sized dong just cannot simply drive them to orgasm. This is a tricky situation. What if you’re already committed and in love with the man of your dreams only to recently find out of his obvious inadequacy?

What are you willing to sacrifice for love? Anyways, we have compiled some ways to cope up with men with tiny juniors.

Make it Wilder

Now is the time to make the bed scenes wilder. His small package will make you even more confident to take the banging to another level since you’re certain that it won’t really hurt (unlike men with 5+ inches of dick). Try to have the craziest of positions and you’ll see that it’s not so bad after all. If oral is his thing, you won’t have to worry about gag reflex at all! If the size is not enough, make it up for the performance level. I am sure you’ll both love it.

Make it More Intimate

Aside from the main act, you can fire up your loving with more romantic hugs, kisses and tender touches. Trust me, women often find this sexier. Most of the guys often neglect caressing their girls the right way because they’re after the sex. As a result, the love-making turns into an animal obsession without the emotion. Adding the flavor of intimacy would boost everything up in the right places.

Make it More Exciting

As a woman, you can heat things up by doing all sorts of foreplay. You can dress up to his fetishes or whatever. It would definitely be fun. If you have not tried playing characters with your partner before, maybe now is the right time. All the extra details would take your attention off his teeny weeny.
Make it Last Longer

Here’s another good thing about this. You can actually make the sex last longer because most men with smaller penises are  more tolerable than those with gigantic ones. No matter how he bangs, it wouldn’t make much impact so you would be more comfortable to extend the session. HAHAHA

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