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Published on janvier 24th, 2016 | by Archer


Biometrics and Online Dating?

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For starters, biometrics is the science of identifying people based on their characteristics and human attributes. In the 21st Century, this field has gone a long way. Espionage films such as the James Bond series have led us all to believe that cutting edge technologies that involve biometrics like finger scanners, iris detectors and facial recognition devices appear as effortless and convenient. But in real life, these innovations are a far cry from perfection. Flaws concerning the accuracy of these existing technologies still wave warning flags for some establishments to actually start using them in business.

Well, how about in the mobile apps industry? According to BBC Business, biometrics entered the mainstream market when Apple released iPhone 5S and introduced Touch ID fingerprint reading sensor. The latter made use of AuthenTec’s technology in 2012. Samsung, afraid of being left behind, followed suit to Apple’s path and will be launching their very own fingerprint tech on the succeeding releases of Galaxy S5 and the upcoming S6. At this degree of escalation, it wouldn’t be surprising that in two years’ time, having a mobile biometric device would be the standard for everyone since Qualcomm is already on the verge of developing a 3D fingerprint reader.

What are its implication on the rise of online dating in mobile? There are lots! Additional security feature for users can be implemented to prevent others from snooping their account. This could also be a possible solution to false identities since a fingerprint can be used to login. This would prevent false and multiple identities that often plague the online dating arena. What’s more? Fingerprints can also be a fun alternative to passwords.

Moreover, Apple have announced that their customers can access their portals through Apple’s Touch ID. With this technology, customers will be able to register their credit cards and then make purchases using the aforementioned biometric security tool. Customers can shop online, pay their bus fare, eat at McDonald’s or even shop at Macy’s – all with a touch of a finger! Soon, TouchID Banking will be the next big thing.

However, this technology is not without its flaws. The vulnerabilities of fingerprint recognition have spawned a lot of doubts especially with hackers trying to replicate fingerprint patterns via illegal means. This is why innovators are now at a race of looking for upgrades and alternatives of fingerprint reading.

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