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Archer is one of our resident writers. With a melismatic style of writing, his knack of superfluous verbosity is strikingly evident. When he's not hooked up with his Mimi tunes, Archer can be found dealing with programming codes as he is also working as a Software Engineer at one of the IT companies in the metro. For those who know him well, it is a common fact that he's also fond of reading and writing online dating articles. Being a hopeless romantic at heart, Archer is indeed - a fine addition to our pool of writers.   You can reach him on the following social media accounts: Tumblr // Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Odesk

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It’s All About Monogamy

avril 3rd, 2016 | by Archer

Yes, you’ve read that right. Even though we are living in a sexually charged millennium, long term relationships still exist

How to Rock The Online Scene

février 28th, 2016 | by Archer

New bloggers  like myself, often fall into the pits of mediocrity, losing sight of our once iridescent dreams left from

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