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Published on novembre 30th, 2015 | by Archer


A Middle Finger Emoji? Way to go Microsoft!

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As I was fiddling through some Social News headlines, I wasn’t able to help myself but fall into an uncontrollable fit of laughter as my eyes averted to one particular line of text. I remember a past conversation with a friend regarding the lack of some explicit emoticons on the Google and Apple platforms like iOS and Android and seeing that headline, it instantly brought me to happy land!


Well, the tech giant recently released a new set of emojis as addition to their new line of consumer OS rebranding. As of this moment, it is only them who have dared to tread on this sensitive territory – Not Apple, and certainly not Google. In fact, they were bold enough to declare that the new addition would become available in Windows 10. According to Emojipedia, the emoji also goes by the name of “Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended Emoji”, “Rude Finger”, and “Flipping the Bird”.


You can check out Emojipedia, a Wiki page dedicated to – well, emojis and all of its history and content all throughout the years. On the page, they have a chronological timeline of Windows 8 emojis and claimed that the OS had been the first in terms of releasing popular textual symbols. As can be seen on their review, it wasn’t until version 8.1 that Microsoft finally extended their emoji support to all kinds of races.


For sure, Windows 10 will be pioneering more interesting updates when it comes to emojis during its release. It’s kind of funny how they’re trying to lead the race in this emoji game. On the other hand, Emojipedia also noted that the next generation of OS will set the default color tone to neutral gray as to break from the stereotypical yellow used by Apple and Google. It can be remembered that Windows 8.1’s default emoji color was light pink. They will be changing this so as to avoid notes of racism.


Well, as a casual user, I couldn’t be more excited about this. Emojis had been a part of the diverse internet culture ever since the era of MSN, Yahoo Messenger and AOL and I know that we’re all guilty of overusing it! It’s about time for new batches of Emojis to come out to kill the emoji drought in Microsoft. As they say, you can never have too much of emojis because! It is and will always be the ultimate craze in today’s landscape of internet and social media.







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