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Published on janvier 31st, 2016 | by Archer


5 Reasons Why Speed Dating is Not Good For The Average Modern Girl

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It is no question that 2016 brought new hope for people looking for luck in the dating arena.

With the emergence of promising dating apps out there and of course, our very own Bazoocam dating service, the average modern girl (or guy) could be well-off and prepared should they attempt to take a splash.

However, gals of the 21st century shouldn’t just throw the caution to the wind just yet. Lessons from the past taught us not to rely on anything instantaneous and too-good-to-be-true. This is no different with online dating, or any form of dating per se.

Tempo Is Not Equal to Melody

Being fast doesn’t mean it would go well. In reality, things that are usually done in a hurry often lead to a cacophony of catastrophe. In all of its rawness, the goal of speed dating is well, to find you a date – quick! Most of the time, this comes off as a double edged blade, often sacrificing the chances of finding someone more deserving. People are so obsessed with instant things that they forget those that are worth taking their time with.

Attraction is Ephemeral

You might have seen an attractive profile and goodness did it strike you to the core! Some people can be very photogenic on pictures. Nevertheless, attraction, albeit one of the first things that catches one’s attention, is ephemeral. Physical attributes change over time and it’s just a matter of time till you find that person – not as good as he appears. Certainly, there’s more to a person than a pretty face. Conversations would give out clues as to what kind of person he/she might be. Is he dull, smart or witty? Only time can tell.


This is also one of the problems when it comes to being young and carefree. Lack of experience leads to rushed decisions based on impulse. These spur of the moment happenings aren’t always bad, but most of the time, they are. Thinking things through would lessen the fall so it pays to mind those decisions before you make them. When chatting people, we may decide so quickly for a meet up without thinking about the consequences. At the end of the day, it is our choice to make.

Ready or Just Lonely?

People often mistake being ready to love and being lonely. As human as we are, we sometimes crave for companionship. Someone to hold, someone to be with, and someone to talk to. It is normal. However, it is not fair for the other party if we are just using them to get by. It isn’t right to use someone as  a tool whenever we’re in need of instant affection. Oftentimes, online chats lead to this demise.

False Identities

What’s got to be worse as fake people? Have you ever seen someone stealing an identity just to make themselves look good? Beware, there are ways on how to spot a poser. Posers are everywhere. The social media and the chat world have morphed an entire new species of individuals who live on the identities of other people. Some do it for fun, and some others do it to trick other people. While most posers are harmless, they can be very annoying, and even harmful – especially to other users’ identities when the posers are deliberately trying to steal them. In the end, posers are no laughing matter. They could potentially trick, manipulate and even lure you into harm. Therefore, it is important to, by all means, avoid these pesky chameleons online especially in chat rooms, where they are frequently found.



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