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Published on février 21st, 2016 | by Archer


Top 10 Excuses People Make When They Don’t Want to Talk

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Ever felt that pang of disappointment every time you see that nonchalant response on the computer screen? Ever felt so disheartened by that non-committed ‘okay’ in reply to that enthusiastic message you fired up? Does it feel like you’re talking to yourself sometimes? You are not alone, mate. Both genders have their fair share of this cruel situation wherein one is at the end of the chopping board and the other holds the butcher knife. The pain of being disregarded is more or less equal to that if you take the experience of other people into account.

However, for the sake of those still in denial, we will show you 10 responses from online daters that positively points to the fact that – you’re out of the game.

1. His/Her Favorite Reply is « Okay ».

No matter how hard you try to make the conversation go well, his/her response always ends up with « okay ». These type of people are the worst of the bunch. They are sending this on purpose hoping and trying to discourage you into talking more. Soon enough, they’d find a way to excuse themselves out of the convo.

2. « I have something else to do/ I should get some sleep. »

This may not be malicious in some cases but this is one of the top excuses ever. When someone sends you this just within the first few minutes of chatting, DON’T BELIEVE THEM. Instead, find your way out of the conversation first before they can. You deserve much more than that.

3. « My battery is about to run out. »

His/her battery is out but why is she/he still online and liking stuff on Facebook? Most of the time, this is just a lame excuse. If he/she is truly interested, he/she would find a way to perpetuate the conversation, by all means.

4. « Sorry, late reply, I had to go to the bathroom. »

Oh come on! A bathroom break normally does not take two hours long. Seriously, it is very easy to see through someone else’s lies if you’re keen enough.

5. « I am really busy with school/office, lately… »

Through years of online chatting, I have concluded that nobody could be too busy of anything. There will always be time if you are willing TO MAKE TIME. A few minutes of talking can make all the difference rather than telling someone that apparently, you’re « too busy ».

6. « Oh, my webcam is broken and my internet is slow… »

Trying to see someone online? Remember that most of the smartphones nowadays come with a chat-friendly front camera. Also, laptops and netbooks are equipped with webcams as well. The chances of that person using a device without one, or a faulty one is just so slim to none. Don’t be fooled.

7. Hahahahahaha. Hahahaha. Hahaha. haha.

A person with a nice sense of humor can really make you laugh your heart out. However, a person who responds with a laugh all of the time could mean that he/she is not even reading the messages. They’re just randomly typing for the sake of having a reply. (Unfortunately, I am guilty of this myself.)

8. « Nice. »

This is kind of similar to the “okay” part. If he/she has nothing else to say other than one-word responses like ‘Nice’ ‘Cool’ ‘Funny’, chances are, he/she is NOT INTO YOU.

9. « :) »

Yes yes, emojis are really trendy. But think again. I’d rather have real words and replies rather than these cute but meaningless icons all the time.

10. No Reply At All.

This has got to be the most obvious one. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

How do you know if he/she is not into you based on his replies? Well, it should be easy to see. The most difficult part is acceptance – As our pride gets in the way mostly, the art of letting go isn’t easy after all.

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