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Published on mai 8th, 2015 | by Archer


10 Reasons Why You’re Being Ignored Online

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Choosing and building the best profile banner for your online chat accounts is highly recommended especially for first timers. Essentially, you are showcasing yourself to a whole smorgasbord of people on the internet. Putting your best foot forward and taking time to percolate your profile is an investment in the long run. Take it from me, as a long-time patron of chat and dating sites, I’ve experienced that stage of dormancy – that annoying time when nobody seems to notice you online (No matter how hard you try to take the initiative).

It’s time to do yourself a favor. To up the ante of your existing profile, it is essential that you NEVER do any of the things below.

1. Appearing too dorky online

Top on the list. Say no to a dorky profile rep. As time goes by, I’ve come to realize that nobody wants to be associated with ultra nerds and weirdoes. It’s a major social turn-off. You’ve got to ride with the tide with the majority. I am not saying that you should kill your individuality to blend in. But at least, learn to adjust a little. Act mature and look mature.

2. Boring profile headline

“Hey, it’s me.”
“Hahaha. Hello world.”
“Hello pips.”
You can finally scratch things like that off your list when thinking what to put on your profile headline. They are just downright lame and irrelevant. If you’re one of those people who would probably use those naive one-liners, it is a MUST to reinvent your way of thinking. Put on a striking quote! Make a very thought-provoking metaphor about yourself. You can also summarize a sentence declaration of yourself. There can be lots of possible banner content, that’s for sure!

3. A lame profile picture

Another major reason why you’re a nobody in the interwebs is your profile picture. No – you don’t have to be “magazine perfect” to stand out. A nice, clear pic of yourself would speak endless. Retrica and Camera 360 will only make you appear plastic and unreal. Keep it classy!

4. Chatting like a creep

There’s nothing weirder than people who send you random messages on chat. Even more creepy when you don’t personally know them at all! So please, do not fall on the same pattern. Follow the right etiquette of chatting.

5. Writing in weird letter casing and style

Seriously, ‘pEople Wh0 tyP3 lYke Th15’ are my least favorite people on the internet. For me, it does not denote creativity at all like they claim. It seems like they’re just a bunch of uneducated froths who have not learned how to spell and write properly. They’re definitely an eyesore for the majority!

6. Giving out spammy links

Well, the spammers are at the top of my list as well. They’d be sending you all these nasty links to game requests and other faux advertisements. I have a lot of spammers on my block list so they don’t bother me anymore.

7. Posting a status update every 5 minutes

I know we all have this so-called freedom of expression but please use it in moderation! If you insist on posting status updates by the minute, your friends will be unfollowing you soon enough. I mean, if your face is already flooding in everyone’s news feeds, that’s really criminally annoying to the highest level!

8. Being too revealing

If you’ve got skin to show off then posting skimpy pics once in a while is nice and sexy. However, please take caution. Have some self-respect. Your profile is a representation of yourself. You don’t want to be labeled as a whore, do you?

9. Venting out too much

Too much talk can be annoying. Don’t post everything and anything that happens in real life on the internet. Yes, your opinion is valued but please be classy and selective with what you share. If you feel the need to post, count from 1-10 and think about the possible consequences.

10. Being a show-off

Last but not the least, everyone hates show-offs. They’re the people who just can’t get enough of bragging. We get it, you’re well off and have a nice disposition in life right now with all of your material things. But gees, you don’t have to rub it off on our faces. No one really cares and it’s just downright annoying.

As I have pondered long enough, it turned out that I, too, had unconsciously fallen in a pitfall of setbacks in the past, e.g. unattractive profile picture, boring headline, and an approach that screams a whirlwind of desperation. Thinking about it, I asked myself, “Indeed, who wouldn’t be turned off to the monstrosity that is my profile?” To salvage the remaining life out of my internet reputation, I took some immediate measures to repackage my image online. I just have to do it or else, I’d be a candidate of social network extinction!

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